CT1000: Top Tyres for Light Trucks in 2018

Zeetex Turns CT1000 Into One of the Top Tyres for Light Trucks in 2018

Zeetex and its CT1000 tires have increased their demand during the first quarters of 2018. These tyres, specifically designed for light trucks, brought the design and engineering of tyres for this automotive segment a step further.

In spite of the excellent results harvested since 2012, the growth of the tyre sector in Europe slowed down in 2017. One of the manufacturers that has shown the best performance during the first half of this year is Zeetex , international tyre supplier, whose CT1000 tyre is one of the flagship products in the segment of vans and light trucks.

Since its launch in 2014, the CT1000 has positioned itself as one of the models that provides greater stability to driving, with superior grip in wet and dry conditions, great comfort and adequate control on all surfaces. Naturally, it has all the requirements for vehicles operating in Europe, as well as complying with the different security requirements established in the EU framework.

CT1000, an effective solution for vans

The Zeetex CT1000 tyres feature an efficient tread design, developed to withstand a heavy load, guarantee mileage and prevent threats from certain surfaces, such as aquaplaning in the case of wet conditions. Thanks to its homogeneous pattern, it offers additional resistance to the problem of uneven wear.

The rubber mixture used in this model guarantees a gradual and uniform wear. The greater width of the contact surface of Zeetex CT1000 results in good behavior on all surfaces. Due to its high performance, this tyre meets the quality standards that are a trademark for all Zeetex tyres: safety, comfort, low fuel consumption and value for money.

Likewise, Zeetex professionals are also committed to environmental sustainability. CT1000 and other Zeetex tyres guarantee an efficient consumption, highly respectful of the environment.

The tyre sector is confident of maintaining its growth momentum in the coming years, although only one thing is certain: CT1000 tyres will be among the most efficient options for light trucks.


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